Fragments of a Homily on the Woman at the Well

Heard in mass this morning.

Water, thirst. Ironically, given the amount of water on the planet, many people on suffer from thirst.

Water may be the most perfect metaphor for how we experience God. We immerse ourselves in it. God’s love is like that.

Soft but powerful force, relentless, eventually wears down the hardest stones.

What good is knowing? What we need is resolve, to navigate the desert of false choices.

Living water is poured out in baptism.


  1. Hello. Can you tell me please what time your blog is written in compared to Greenwich Mean Time. Thank you.

  2. Jonathan Webb says

    Do mean London Jihad Mean Time?

  3. Jonathan Potter says

    I usually write my posts during Sandwich Time or “in the meantime” which is located in the Pacific Time Zone which is approximately 7 hours earlier than GMT.

  4. Jonathan Webb says

    What if I prefer my water from a priestly class in small, warm draughts.

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