For my wife, born on the Annunciation

If God is in His heaven

And all’s well on the earth

Thanks to Gabriel’s announcement

That a virgin would give birth


If by the Incarnation

The flesh is made divine

Then ‘Comfort ye my people’

Gives dignity to wine


Then mirth and cheer are charity

And laughter is a grace

And the song of love is written

In lines upon a face


When solemnities are happy

And fasting yields to feast

And the  yoke of penance eases

For the layman and the priest


Then everyone’s oasis

Upon the Lenten way

Is March the twenty-fifth

[raise glass] That’s Deirdre’s birthday


  1. Jonathan Webb says


  2. Jonathan Webb says

    Sophie’s birthday too.

  3. Jonathan Webb says

    All the really important women were born on this day, or in March.

  4. Cubeland Mystic says

    . . . and a sword shall pierce her olive.

  5. Jonathan Potter says

    Happy birthday to Deirdre and my goddaughter Sophie.

  6. Matthew,

    Well done. Now have your guitarist friend put it to music. It fits what C.Day Lewis called the intricacy of diction fitted perfectly to the simplicity of song.


    Happy birthday to Deirdre!


  7. Your loving recital of this joyful piece was the pinnacle of a perfect evening. Honored to have been there.

  8. Thanks much, all.

  9. Happy birthday, Deirdre!

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