The Bloody 20th Century – UPDATE

A noted historian of Nazi Germany reconsiders the bloodiness of the 20th Century – and – gasp! – even suggests that Western liberals might have been enjoying their favorite comfort food –  pointing up the horrors of Nazism as the sine qua non of evil – while ignoring the Ukrainian elephant in Eastern Europe’s livingroom.

It seems those wacky anti-redsters dreaming of making love to Claire Booth Luce in a fallout shelter might have been right about at least one thing – the communists really DID eat their children – or at least forced others to do so…

And what’s more,  Mr. Zmirak provides a sort of philosophical follow-up punch – demonstrating that if Mr. Rosenbaum’s review above tells us anything, it tells us that Descartes’ divorce of soul and body has had far-reaching implications – and complications.

But then, perhaps coming full circle, there is still this small matter of the dignity of the human person lingering in the air like the unmistakably stench of burning flesh . And now, the generation rising (scroll down to page 12!) from the ashes of the “Bloodlands” are taking seriously,  as Zmirak notes , “the Christian notion of the person mak[ing] inconvenient demands — when it specifies that suffering is preferable to sin…”


  1. Matthew Lickona says

    Was it a Pink(o) Ukranian Elephant?

  2. Dah – on parade in Lenin Square.


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