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“Such are the seasons still beneath the earth….”



  1. Jonathan Webb says

    Beautiful poem about unstoppable things.

  2. Jonathan Potter says

    The language is rich like layers of winter clothes. I especially like the “torture expectations with silence” and the “cankered calendar.” Why don’t we all move to San Diego? Is my question.

    • Jonathan and Jonathan:

      You hit it on the head – the insurmountable power of nature cooperating with grace. Where the real drama lies.

      Why not San Diego? Because my fear and trembling must be worked out in the hard-scrabble of half-frozen landscapes and insular dead-middle of January evenings…

      Besides, I would spoil in so much sun and freedom.

      Thanks for the read!


      p.s. Why doesn’t my head from the hall of heads appear with my comments?

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