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Archives for February 2011

Today in Precious Bodily Fluids

“For men, the principal and preoccupying challenge was not to spill a drop of seminal fluid outside the sacred bounds of marriage – and not much there, either, if they could decently manage it.  As one authority explained, seminal fluid, when nobly retained within the body, enriched the blood and invigorated the brain.  The consequence of discharging this natural elixir illicitly was to leave a man literally enfeebled in mind and body.  So even within marriage  one should be spermatozoically frugal, as more frequent sex produced ‘languid’ sperm, which resulted in listless offspring.  Monthly intercourse was recommended as a safe maximum.”

– Bill Bryson, At Home:  A Short History of Private Life

One Book at a Time, Bob

Speaking of books, it looks like Simon & Schuster beat us to the punch on cutting a deal with Bob Dylan for his next six.

Don’t you ever interrupt me when I’m reading a book (from Korrektiv Press)

“Such are the seasons still beneath the earth….”


Walker Percy: A Documentary Film Available on DVD

Lickona, Finnegan, and I got in on a preview of this in New Orleans last year. (And Lickona is turning his account of the trip into a book to be published by Korrektiv Press — unless FSG makes him a better offer. Something like a bad Catholic version of The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test.) We had some reservations about the film. The preview we saw didn’t lack for earnestness … and there are were some fascinating excerpts of Percy home movies … and requisite murmurings of eloquent Percyphiles and such. But the overlay of nostalgia seemed misplaced. Anyway it will be interesting to view the finished product. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on it. Watch for a review here soon.

I wrote a (very short) review!

The Housemaid is very, very tidy until things get very, very messy.

Today in Groupon

Groupon has decided to pull its tacky series of ads that premiered during the Super Bowl. From The Daily Mail:

Today Groupon’s co-founder, Andrew Mason, issued a statement on the site explaining the about-turn.

‘We hate that we offended people, and we’re very sorry that we did – it’s the last thing we wanted,’ he said.

He added that that the ads would be replaced with ‘something less polarising.’


1. Could they have chosen a less-flattering still of poor Cuba Gooding, Jr. for that article?

2. I like it that Mr. Mason at least used the active voice in his apology, versus “we regret that people may have been offended.”

3. The ads were apparently directed by Christopher Guest.

4. Just so we can append our Favorite Category to this post, here’s Elizabeth Hurley’s ad:

Hey, didn’t you used to be somebody?

Once upon a a time, I made cartoons.  Apparently, I’ve gone and made another one.

“A good way to get et up by hogs…” A couple of thoughts after seeing Winter’s Bone for a second time.

[Sort of spoilery.  Read at your own risk.  I would hate to ruin this film for anyone.]

The first time, the overwhelming dread that suffused nearly every scene served to obscure the fact that Ree’s conversation with her crazy, silent mother – “Just this one time, help me.  Tell me what I should do.” – is a prayer. To an apparently silent, possibly absent God.  But of course, Ree’s prayer is answered.  All she has to do is throw caution to the winds, sacrifice her body, perform acts that most people wouldn’t think themselves capable of, and abandon her own self to the point where she can say “Help me or kill me” with perfect equanimity.  Then lo and behold…

Hey, do y’all remember Deep Furrows?

He now posts at Cahiers Péguy, one of them group blogs that I hear is all the rage now. Observe:

So on vacation, on lunch break, in the evenings,
and weekends, get together with friends to
learn appreciation for music and drama;
learn politics and philosophy and economics and
the sciences.
For Christ’s sake,
for humanity’s sake,
for yourself and your children,
and their children.

Perhaps we should start an inter-interstate collaborative and/or gang war with them.

(Fred, I tracked you down via your comment on Mr. Lickona’s archival post about Sideways.)