Wise Blood, the movie

I was idly tapping search terms into the Interweb and, what to my wondering eyes should appear, but this recent addition to the Criterion Collection:

Not only have I not seen this film, I’ve not heard of it. Anyone?


  1. Love it, love it, love it. The low budget definitely worked in its favor. [And the fact that Flannery had at one time baby-sat the screenwriters? Well, how cool is that?]

    This is one DVD where I really enjoyed the 'extras' – especially the audio of Flannery reading "A Good Man…" I would say that this is a very good investment for one's home movie library!

  2. Jonathan Webb says

    It's great and very faithful.

  3. I wonder if the term 'wise blood' could be metaphorical. Last night I dreamt I was strangled (or they attempted to) by someone posing as an elderly woman hiding under a table, who I thought was somebody I knew could 'Ron'.

  4. Jonathan Webb says

    It was Peter Sellers in drag and they wanted to use your flat to access a bank vault.

  5. Thanks for the comments. I've got to try to see this film.

    I think that I have heard that recording of Flannery, Ellyn, and it is terrific. It is a cheering thing when someone sounds like they should.

  6. Course you've heard of it. It's something one likes when one is quite young.

  7. Jonathan Potter says

    Ah, don't be such a wet blanket, Anon. Reclaim your youth, be born again.

  8. Quin Finnegan says

    From Netflix reviewer "Sodium Glupinate":

    I've never seen any movie that follows the book to such detail. The film works on many levels. It is a wonderful, haunting dark comedy. It is a blast to watch because of the quirky characters and quotable dialog. It has more memorable quotes than any movie I know of except for, perhaps, PeeWees Big Adventure.

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