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This blog post is lifted wholesale from the heart of Catholic jihadism (tongue in cheek, I say this, because the Archbolds have been given the stink-eye from those with a less-than-muscular sense of humor…)

Also, I had the pleasure of meeting Patrick, his lovely wife and their glorious abundance of children here at the farm a few summers ago. He’s not as mean as he sounds (although he still likes guns…). Also, I want his brother to come to Gerasene 12.

At any rate – I figure if Matthew can pro-life post news about his mother, I can post pro-life news about my favorite governor….
And besides, I think it’s a good question…



  1. cubeland mystic says


    I heard about Michael Voris for the first time just in the last two weeks. I listened to some of his stuff. I didn't hear anything that I would disagree with. At one point in one of his presentations he was coming down hard on the Bishops and bureaucracy. At a certain point you got to bring the pain to these politicians who are CINOs. So why is that Talibanish?

    (Speaking of bringing the pain, I had a vision of Matthew's cell in Purgatory. It's built out of full unbreakable bourbon bottles with the openings pointed outward.)

  2. Matthew Lickona says

    Don't forget the loaves of crusty bread encased in plexiglass cubes. Or the foie gras laced with broken glass. Or the Burgundy gone to vinegar…

    Your vision is as clear as ever, CM. Been trying to diet of late. Brutal. I am a horrible glutton.

  3. Cubeland,

    From what I can tell – he's getting the stink eye mostly because he says some unkind things about the Ordinary Form of the Mass. But considering the unkind things B-16 has said about it (cf. Spirit of the Liturgy), I don't really understand why.


    And don't forget the endless manuscripts you'll be required to write only to see them yanked from the printing presses at the last minute…


  4. cubeland mystic says

    The manuscript thing was in the vision too. He is finally gifted writing talent. But he has no hard drive on his WINDOWS laptop, and alas when the memory fills up, he has to reboot. It's the whole detachment thing. You gotta learn one way or the other.

    On the other subject, I missed most of the liturgy wars in the 80's and 90's due to extreme agnosticism. When I got back, I knew enough to realize that hey this is all wrong. It was obvious if you get "mystery" that the clergy was leaving something out. Also the Marxism was palpable. That's another topic. See I don't understand what the "reformers" are after. Why the heck do you want Mass to be banal? I want incense, twilight, mists, and disembodied Gregorian chant when I go to Mass. I don't want to hug and hold hands. But why do the "reformers" want this? Any education would be welcome.

  5. "Well, I'm no expert" would be a great and comforting reply to your query….

    Unfortunately the rampant abuse has necessitated that rather than letting Mother Church take care of things, we all have to make our own waffles in the morning while Mother sleeps off the hangover (if we could definitively ID what she drank that could have induced her to leaving skid marks on the front lawn and a lifetime supply of felt banners in the garage, then we'd get somewhere).

    Perhaps the best work I've read on this is a book by German novelist Martin Mosebach "The Heresy of Formlessness" (Igatius Press, 2006). Also, B-16's "Spirit of the Liturgy" (Ignatius, 2000) is refreshingly candid about the OF's shortcomings. There's also "The Reform of the Liturgy: It's Problems and Background" by Monsignor Klaus Gamber (Cardinal Ratzinger gave it a glowing recommendation in his forward to the Roman Catholic Books edition (1993)). Then, if you really want to go deep – I mean The-Trieste-French-Kissing-the-Mariana-Trench deep, then scout out a copy of "Iota Unum: A Study of the Changes in the Catholic Church During the 20th Century" by Romano Amerio (Angelus Press, 1996). Now, Angelus is a Pius X outfit, which immediately places Father Romano under the leering light of suspicioun, but Father Amerio was himself a priest in good standing and a peritus at the Second Vatican Council. His conclusions are sometimes criticized as tendentious, but the real value is in the book is the volume of Church documents he quotes at great length to show what amounts, in many ways, to a sea-change in the way the Church thinks about things.


    p.s. word id: "imess"


  6. cubeland mystic says

    Maybe I am wrong, but I think they should replace traditional processional hymns with Crazy Train.

    That'll get the young folk back in the pews.

  7. Jonathan Webb says

    I'd like to read those books, Thanks.

    I'm struck by the agenda driven sickness of the movement. As if there would be anything worth having (self-evidently) if the reformers had prevailed. This makes a person wonder if the real goal wasn't pretty nakedly the destruction of The Church.

    This is old news to you though.

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