Thought Experiment

What is going through my dog’s doggy mind as he sits there in a meditative pose, watching me shovel several weeks’ accumulation of his poop in the back yard?


  1. The dog looks superimposed onto the photograph of the garden.

    But it's a nice looking dog.

  2. Jonathan Webb says

    Especially compared to the little Yorkys which run around London.

  3. Jonathan Webb says

    They run in packs in the West End. Converge on you in alleys. Drag you down.

  4. Jonathan Webb says

    He's thinking,"what is my food source doing with that turd? I had plans for that turd. I was going to give it a good whiff on my afternoon constitutional. Wish he'd consult me before moving my turds around because there might be one I want to keep around for a few days. Goodbye turd. I'll miss you. Hope you find a home that loves you as much as this one."

    Anyway that's what he's thinking.

  5. He's thinking, "I guess we know who the alpha male is NOW." –Peacock

  6. cubeland mystic says

    A dog has like 50 trillion more olfactory neurons than a human. Some scientists believe that dogs are capable of using scent as the basis of a language so complex that it makes humans and dolphins look like insects. Basically you destroyed an external neural network containing the full extent of the history and culture of his lineage.

    Nice job Potter.

  7. Ronald Drimmel says

    To answer you're question I was going to write, "What the shit is he doing with my shit?", but Mr. Webb has done better. Explains this sad look that says "I'm going to miss those turds.. every last one."

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