I wrote a (very short) review!

Tron: Legacy gets the capsule treatment.


  1. Matthew,

    I still didn't get the Tron/Pron connection. (Was there a link on that post that I was missing?)


  2. Rufus McCain says

    I'm still unclear about that, too.

  3. notrelatedtoted says

    In the parlance of the internet, porn is often referred to as pron. Or pr0n, if you prefer. Internet filters and all that, sprinkled with some haxxor/leet-style butchery. Tron Pron is just too obvious to pass up.

    When I saw the original Tron, I remember being severely disappointed. I was 8 or 9, and had spent hours with my friends throwing frisbees at each other in anticipation of seeing this movie. Some pretty awesome head wounds were sustained, and they turned out to be a lot more exciting than the movie.

    So, how many frisbees to the head do you give Tron 2.0, Lickona?

  4. Matthew Lickona says

    To mark the occasion of the Tron sequel, Playboy slapped glowing body paint on a couple of babes who sort of resemble the lead babes from the film, gave 'em light bikes to straddle and glow discs to brandish, and did a sexynerdsexy photoshoot. The Internet took significant note. I decided against providing a link, though there were lots.

    Not-Ted – frisbees to the head is more exciting than this one as well. But there are some fun bits.

  5. Matthew,

    Thanks for the clarification – I never even thought to look it up myself – perhaps afraid of what I'd find.

    (See poor McCain's attempts above at googling "Montag")

    Flying in the face of good taste and better sense, I actually liked the first Tron. It was long after it had gone through the theaters and I remember being home one evening when the Disney Channel had just started broadcasting
    (1983) – and by complete coincidence just before I had foresworn TV for good.


  6. Matthew Lickona says

    I like(d) it, too! Found a used copy on VHS for $2 years ago, and the Lickona brood was very happy to share in my nostalgia.

  7. Jonathan Webb says

    Thanks Matt. I'll put it in my queue.

  8. Sometimes you've just gotta go into a movie expecting it to be hideously bad. Everyone I've talked to about Dragonball: Evolution, for example, loathes it–and, yes, correctly so. It was just megalithically awful. But I entered that theater yearning for awfulness, and the door opened at my knock. What the crap do you expect?–it's a DRAGONBALL movie, for mercy's sake. So too, I think, with Tron. Embrace the crappiness. My father's final words were–Love Tron as I loved Tron, and there will be joy.

  9. Matthew Lickona says

    Which is why I gave it two stars, JB!

  10. Learning to Fly says

    Thank you, Matthew, for your feedback today letting us here in Victoria know it was okay for a 9 year old. We just got back from the midnight premier showing and the younger attendee was very happy and declared it a "pretty good movie."

  11. notrelatedtoted says

    And a review by Tron guy!


  12. Quin Finnegan says

    That's a great little review you've packed into a paragraph, Matthew. I like the reference to wabi-sabi especially. If only the movie featured prawns, I'd be on board for sure.

  13. Dorian Speed says

    Well, look who has a Blogger profile.

    Medicinal wine from a teaspoon; then beer from a bottle!

  14. Matthew Lickona says

    Awesome, Not Ted.
    Thanks Quin!

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