Contra Nixonem

Exibit C: Apparently even deracinated Quakers don’t drink.


  1. cubeland mystic says

    How can a nation of people be "mean" who "gently age" their whiskey in bourbon barrels?

    Loved these two lines

    Into a wilderness business of things,
    A renewal of things to square off on–And talk's gravity is unable to break off Till long after porter-colored darkness Fills the sky.

    –The eastern sky foams yeasty white: Tongues heave
    With a heavy hilarity, knowing
    Another year will bring new subjects to life
    By the dying days of many.

  2. CM,

    Thanks – and glad you're back in the neighborhood!


  3. Matthew Lickona says

    Must have that bottle.

  4. Matthew,

    Make you a deal – I'll give you the bottle if I can have what's inside it…

    Ha ha!


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