After the rain.


  1. Jonathan Webb says

    I guess the poison ones don't taste bad.

  2. Southern Expat says

    Are those truffles?

  3. Matthew Lickona says

    Oh, Lordy, I wish. They're not even morels – you'd need to go camping in Wisconsin for that. They just grew after the rain.

  4. Southern Expat says

    Maybe the Korrektiv brand can expand to include truffles.

  5. Cubeland Mystic says

    Before you get into food or poisoning, I'd like to see you do the distillery. Since Rufus lives in the state of Seattle he should be able to make Calvados which is a new favorite at the Cubeland Monastery.

  6. Matthew Lickona says

    Calvados? Road trip! I mean, Pilgrimage!

  7. notrelatedtoted says

    You SoCalers and your "weather."

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