"Now, Mr. Pumpkin, I will ask you again: where is the candy?"

[UPDATE: A reader offers a rather more serious take on the matter.]


  1. Love the new site. But hey, no more blog roll? Or sources consulted, or whatever it was? I considered it an honor to have a link to DT from this fine establishment…

  2. Matthew Lickona says

    Oh, it'll be back, Bernardo. Still a work in progress. We think it an honor to have a link to DT. Thanks for the kind word.

  3. Southern Expat says

    Yep, it's my fault that it was deleted, but I believe Rufus McCain is on the job to restore sanity to the sidebar.

  4. Rufus McCain says

    I don't know about sanity, but the old "Sources Consulted" list has now been restored.

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