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Thursday Night in the Big House

On this meatless Friday, I thought I’d send us over the edge – into dreams of Saturday morning bacon and/or steak and eggs…

From the top, then – we have Mallard and Wood duck sauteed in onions, apples, taters, bacon and who knows all what (afterwards, a little red wine, a little flour made a dandy sauce for it); then we stop briefly to behold the Brown basmati – topped the same said sauce treatment; then at the bottom we have squirrel cooked up in a white sauce of apples, taters and more whatnot for the tongue; and finally, the Grandest Master Flash in the Pan of Them All: Three Roasted Chinese Pheasants slabbed and stuffed with bacon. All went with a malbec and tuns of Hamms and Schlitz.

Number one son provided one of the three pheasants – bagged it on his first time out with a neighbor (who bagged the other two). Ducks and squirrel were provided by this guy:

John Motoviloff – who wrote this and this and this and this– and graciously agreed to be the token Russian Orthodox at Gerasene 11 (he’s been writing fiction for a long time now).

Did I already mention the great camping and sporting opportunities in Wisconsin?


  1. Matthew Lickona says:

    Squirrel. The Korrektiv Kitchen just got real.

  2. Anonymous says:

    That's a nice photo, amidst all this creepiness.

    I am feeling rather hungry and don't have much in the refrigerator. But I will make something now.

    I ate a good spaghetti pomadoro earlier.

  3. Quin Finnegan says:

    Methinks this post should go before "Five Kinds of Bad".

  4. Rufus McCain says:

    You have to scroll down.

  5. Jonathan Webb says:


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