Speaking of Dopplegangers…

Michael Collins by Joseph O’Brien (Oil on Canvas – 2007)

Anon. (not sure which one) in the comments from the post immediately prior to this one queried the possibility of two Ron Hansen’s being productive.

That’s when I found this fellow.

I propose we should get him to be Korrektiv’s official illustrator.

Do that and we will really fix some wagons out there.


  1. No-one was speaking of Doppelgangers – the two Ron Hansens look nothing like each other.

    But this afternoon I bought in a coffee in a a cafe and remembered that years before someone had told me that he'd met his Doppelganger in there. Why does 'korrektiv' never speak about Doppelgangers, I wondered.

  2. Anon.

    You are too sharp by half – my mistake – I should have said nominative dopplegangers (nomengangers?) or monicker dopplegangers (dopplemonickers?).


  3. Jonathan Webb says

    Did you really paint that?

  4. Jonathan Webb says

    Churchill respected him.

  5. By the Dickens, I don't know. It could have been during a particularly feathery experience with a Wild Turkey.

    Which reminds me….


  6. Jonathan Webb says

    It's excellent.

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