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Repetition by Constantin Constantius

From a journal entry dated April 23, 1992:

This is the least perfect of Kierkegaard’s books I have yet read. Imperfect in the way Either/Or is imperfect — but Either/Or is so much more abundant in its imperfection, the imperfection is less noticable in the general tidal wave of words and thoughts. Fear and Trembling, written about the same time, is much more captivating and profound. Repetition is a little too painfully, awkwardly transparent in its relation to SK’s broken engagement.

Nevertheless much excellent unmatchable Kierkegaard here: The failure of repetition in the aesthetic and ethical spheres. The initimation of a religious repetition. Tangential discussion of the ideal and accidental in farce. Job’s ordeal, Job’s loss, his refusal to give in, his demand for a hearing with God — and finally repetition’s paradox: his repentance and vindication, both.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I hope to come to Kierkegaard later – I think I read a little in the mid 1990s. I don't understand the point you're – or he is – making about repetition but it sounds like it might be interesting.

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