From the YouTube Music Video Archives: "Maid of Orleans" and "Joan of Arc" by OMD

Somewhere between her fifth and sixth* Dark & Stormy, Imelda Jean mentioned to me that she had recently finished reading Mark Twain’s Joan of Arc. I don’t read books myself, so there wasn’t much to say beyond that, but it did call to mind these two ditties from Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark. English dudes wrestling with wild religious devotion.

“Maid of Orleans” – some weird sounds until around 38 seconds in. Then,

If Joan of Arc
Had a heart
Would she give it as a gift

To such as me
Who longs to see
How religion ought to be

I like it.

Next up, “Joan of Arc,” in which our man decides it just can’t be true. It just can’t.

Now she’s on her way
To another land
We never understood
Why she gave her hand

She shouldn’t oughta promise
Because it’s just pretend
I know she doesn’t mean it
And she’ll leave again

Without me
Without me

Lewis’ atheism as a failure of nerve.

*Should read “first and second.” Apologies.


  1. ImeldaJean says

    Apology accepted…I guess.

    I've always confused OMD and ELO. What's the deal with the former, anyway? Tribute band, homage, ripoff?

    That said, the video kicks ass.

    Twain doesn't try to make sense of St. Joan. He just takes her at face value and goes with it. I'd really like to read a serious atheist's attempt to explain her military genius and her steadfastness and legal savvy (19-year-old illiterate peasant) during a show trial in which the outcome was predetermined.

    It seems to me it's possible to chalk her piety and stoic acceptance of suffering to religious mania, but I've yet to read a convincing natural explanation of the rest.

  2. Matthew Lickona says

    Has anyone written a book on Twain and Joan? Twain hated God, hated Him enough to almost believe in Him just so he could hate HIm properly – unless I am much mistaken. And then, here is Saint Joan. Much to explore there. Wish I was smart.

  3. I wish I were, Matthew, I wish I *were* smart.


  4. Matthew Lickona says

    No, I don't want to be smart in the past, I want to be smart now. I wish I was smart now. Would that I were smart.

    Annnnyway, how am I supposed to get all grammatical when I'm NOT SMART? Huh, Bernardo? Huh?

    Smart guy.

  5. Rufus McCain says

    I wish I was a lesbian.

  6. Jonathan Webb says

    Don't we all. Maybe like a really, really pretty one who did a lot of traveling for work and…


    Lickona, didn't you have to read crap like The Summa at TAC? What happened man?

  7. Southern Expat says

    It's comment threads like these that point to why Korrektiv merited a spot on the "Best of the Catholic Web" list.

  8. Matthew Lickona says


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