Forthcoming from Korrektiv Press

Watch for two new titles forthcoming from Korrektiv Press:

Bird’s Nest in Your Hair a novel by Brian Jobe

Departure at Hebrus a collection of poetry by Joseph O’Brien

And don’t forget to stock up on copies of Jonathan Potter’s House of Words for the literati on your Xmas list!


  1. Quin Finnegan says

    Damn, that bookmark looks good.

    That may well be the coolest looking bookmark ever. Apologies to CNB, but that black-to-grey is eerily fantastic. I think the shading evokes something existential on its own, and that it descends from a couple of skeletons dancing around a "K" to a quotation in medieval German that says something like For when he dieth he shall carry nothing away: his glory shall not descend after him … spooky. Perfect for Halloween, and I think Lovecraft would be honored to have it in his books.

  2. How did I get put on deck?

    Shit, I forgot my donut….


  3. Rufus McCain says

    Amen, brothers. How did we manage to land someone with talent on our squad? Great job, Southern Expat!

    And JOB, just use two bats, man.

  4. Has Departure at Hebrus been published?

  5. Sweet bookmark. You guys going to create an actual website for the press? Besides facebook and the blog, I mean? You should…

  6. Rufus McCain says

    Anon: Departure at Hebrus is coming next summer. (I just said it, so it's so.)

    Bernardo: A website is in the works:

  7. Jonathan Webb says

    Lovecraft is awesome.

    Bird's Nest combats the malaise of the modern novel. It has the best features of the drive-by short story in 300 or so pages.


  8. The Ironic Catholic says

    Well, thank goodness I just got a raise, with all this great literature our there!

    Oh wait, I just had a baby.

    Well, I'll scrape it together somehow. This is exciting, in an theologically ironic cool literate geek way.

  9. Dorian Speed says

    Thanks, people.

    I'm kind of amused by the photo of the woman on the current version of the website, who surely did not realize what she'd signed on for when she posed for that stock photo. "You shall appear to be the CEO of an existentialist Catholic writers' commune. Look assertive."

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