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Five Kinds of Bad

First there was this … then there was this … now there’s this:

And do we really need five rolls to choose from?


  1. Father,

    I tried not to look – but I saw, um, I saw the a man sitting on a john – I actually saw it in the reflection of the shiny paint they put on the john stall – you see he was filming toliet paper rolls and as he panned the camera – I know, I know, it sounds wierd – but there he was and I didn't know and now I feel bad.

    Father, is it a sin if I didn't know? Is it a sin if it did nothing for me?


  2. Rufus McCain says

    You're lucky I didn't happen to have my hi-def flip camera in my pocket this morning. Then the detail in that reflection might truly have damaged your soul.

  3. Rufus,

    Ha ha! You're a good sport!


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