Thrice Wrong


  1. Jonathan Webb says

    We need more of this type of blogging.

  2. Um… Wipe no evil, blow no evil, dab no evil – but in descending order?


  3. Quin Finnegan says

    No, Mr. JOB, not quite.

    You can't really be expected to have known this, having been a Korrektoi for just a few months, but the simple fact of the matter is that this is a point of contention for Rufus.

    I refer specifically to the way the rolls are set to unwind in such a way that the lead tissue is next to the wall. This is bad. Not bad in the way of a minor pecadillo, but a fuck up of major proportions.

    Try it sometime … say on a trip to Spokane on your way to camping in the beautiful environs of Eastern Washington. You'll likely be trussed up in a shower curtain with the rod wrapped around your shoulders, the offending roll of toilet paper stuffed in your mouth.

    The Incredible Hulk has nothing on McCain when it comes to tp, incorrectly spooled.

  4. Rufus McCain says

    It's in The Rule: "The toilet paper in the abbey bathroom should always be placed so as to unwind forward over the top of the roll, as is fitting and right, and not deceitfully and shamefully unwind from underneath. Any brother who fails this edict once should be gently remonstrated with and corrected. A whipping is to be administered if the offense occurs a second time."

  5. Matthew Lickona says

    There was a Simpsons episode in which the incorrect placement of toilet paper was cited by Child Protective Services as one of the signs that Homer and Marge were unfit parents.

  6. Quin,

    All has been made clear: the reason for my failure to pick up on these subtle notes of civilization, of course, is that with an outhouse, the papyrus can be a James River product (withal usually sitting in a pile of rolls unspooled altogether) although just as likely it could be a pile of New Yorkers, Smithsonians, National Geographics, or copies of a certain Southwestern Wisconsin poet's work…

    Thanks for the clarification.


  7. Rufus McCain says

    I actually get a mild sensation of vertigo if I look at this picture too long, the feng shui is so skewed. Had there not been a janitorial paddlelock on the rod-end, I'd have turned them around. Even so, I contemplated unwinding them all and manually re-spooling them the right way.

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