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The janitor, an avid reader of Korrektiv, no doubt, has corrected the earlier error.


  1. The Ironic Catholic says:

    Um. You had a camera in the bathroom?

    p.s. word verfication: mister .
    It's never made a real word for me before! I feel so special, I can retire now. G'nite.

  2. Cubeland Mystic says:


    I so get this. Your solution is so much more elegant than the previous implementation. It's really all about performance and high availability. I knew it was brilliant when you considered anterior versus posterior sheet positioning with respect to hand direction with each spindle's placement. The roll is positioned optimally for hand-sweep, tear, and wipe efficiency while minimizing wiping I/Os, it maximizes absorbency. It should also be mentioned that you are spreading the load over more spindles which is always on the side of the angels. Bringing more than one spindle to bare maximizes availability to the end-user. Have you considered optimal Stripe Size (i.e. number of tissues in each wipe segment?) To me stripe size is a function of tissue block thickness. The thickness of the tissue block dictates overall stripe size with respect to load type and overall throughput. The heavier the load the wider the stripe. First rate brilliant piece of engineering.

  3. Jonathan Webb says:

    We need to post that last comment.

  4. Jonathan Webb says:

    Of course if one is the type of man who would sit down to pee, this would be an importantissue.

  5. CM,

    On the other hand, the proper use of psyllium would make moot or at the very least debatable much of this otherwise excellent prolegomena on the essential components of prudence and efficiency in addressing the intersection of hygeine and etiquette in a place of discharge and evacuation.


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