And Speaking of Inevitable Declines…

The moment I heard this “song,” I knew they were dead (Monster and Adventures in Hi Fi were more like nerve endings which hadn’t quite shut down yet – much as a headless chicken is wont to run into a snowdrift…). Indeed, as a bellwether of anti-manhood, the “song” is given some well-reasoned confirmation here. As for the rest of their post-“song” output (Up, Reveal, etc.) – why, it is nothing more than the black bile that oozes out through the orifices after rigor mortis has set in…


  1. Matthew Lickona says

    Well, it's a song for the suicidally depressed, so maybe we're not the target audience?

    But yeah, wow.

  2. Sure, but does it serve as a catalyst or a pallative?

    To paraphrase a record review Manhattan Lawyer once read, "This 'song' leaves you groping for the trigger…"



  3. Southern Expat says

    I remember when I first heard that album – it was my freshman year in college, and I'd gone to visit my friend from high school who went to a university in a nearby city. We were missing our hometown and we listened to that album for the first time together – I think it was a tape that we listened to! I have warm memories of almost that whole album, actually. The only song that really stuck in my claw was "Ignoreland," which feels like a blunt instrument (yeah, yeah, yeah).

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