Signposts in a Cheeseland….Part I

Having returned from the 2010 Wisconsin State Fair, half baked by the sun and half baked by the fermented beverages available, I provide the Korrektiv Kollektiv here a sampling of the kollekted signs, labels and other indications that man is still, in Percy’s phrase, homo loquens….

Yes, Wisconsin prides itself not only on its hygeine – we produce a good quantity of the country’s toliet paper, by the way, in our northern paper mills – but like Korrektiv we believe that pop references have relevance to our human condition….
And speaking of hygiene….

Which of the folowing explains this sign?
a. One for each gender.
b. Since it’s a STATE fair, everything, and we mean EVERYTHING, is done in triplicate.
c. Warhol meets Duchamp.
d. Because Wisconsin can push a euphenism further than anyone – and make it pleasing to the eye at the same time.

….Wisconsin’s famous pedigrees!
Dig them up and shake their udders;
Appreciate the butters.

A Korrektive Kollektive side-venture? Note, in particular, the invasive species of fermented beverage sponsoring the ranch – clearly a West Coast phenomenon. Happy you came.

All the world is looking for something pure – as this FSO (Fumigants-Strict Observance) Monastery proves….
And let us end this installment of Signposts in a Cheeseland as we began – with a reference to Theology of the Body….


  1. Jonathan Webb says

    We need to start carrying our cameras around.

    Wisconsin is a strange place indeed.

    The restroom sign is a homage to the credits for the Mary Tyler Moore show. Either that or the old Libby's Libby's Libby's commercials which ran at the same dangerously innocent time.

  2. Jonathan Webb says

    Are those the Seven Deadly Breeds?

  3. Did you partake of the chocolate covered bacon? My daughter was at the fair last week and posted a picture of the savory dessert on Facebook. My iPod began to ooze an oily substance…

  4. Ellyn,

    I fear that the high heat index (95+?) and chasing around the eight between things prevented me from partaking of too much other than an occasional beer.

    That said, I will make it a point to look up the "Chacon" next time – if there is a next time.

    For my wife and sisters in law, it was the cream puff (diameter of a softball!) three-pack that held the day.


  5. Jonathan,

    Mary Tyler Moore. Of course!

    CBS specials (Charlie Brown esp.!) would begin that way, too.

    The whole graphic scroll thing – the bridge into the 1980s I wonder?

    And the coming Microsoft Windows revolution?


  6. ImeldaJean says

    Your post title is "Signposts in a Cheeseland" and not a single picture of a cheese wheel?!?! ("Part I" should be a harbinger of better things to come.)

  7. ImeldaJean,

    Far from being simply a consumable, you must know that cheese is an attitude.

    I hope that attitude is conveyed by the subject matter in the photos.

    That said, the cheese is in potentia among the 28 stomachs in the third picture down.

    If you are disappointed, I will certainly try harder to actualize that potential in the next group.



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