"If we let women become telepathic-vision clerics, then what’s next? Allowing them to grow hair?"

The Onion takes aim at Catholics and women priests.

The really sweet part? That they still care enough about the Catholic Church to make fun of it. But they do a nice job with the tone:

“A recent poll found that while most of the Seventh Light faithful support the ordination of female telepathic-vision clerics, many remain vehement in their opposition: 31 percent said they would not allow a woman to brand their newborn with the Marking, 23 percent said women are incapable of translating the soul-transmissions of extraterrestrial beings who await the disciples’ return, and one in 10 threatened to leave the cult entirely should some woman start telling them what to do.”


  1. Anonymous says

    Yes, it would stop me ever becoming a catholic.

  2. Dorian Speed says

    The real question raised by the article is: Which Portland – Oregon or Maine?

  3. Quin Finnegan says

    Matthew – Fun article, good read.

    Anon – And since we're not there yet … we need you in Rome to make sure it doesn't happen. Please. I'm asking.

    Dorian – I don't know, but this is well worth checking out, if you missed it the first time.

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