Ye Gods

Seriously? A movie in which a Norse God is cast out of heaven for bringing war? Hello, Valhalla? For these people, heaven is war. Eesh.


  1. Matthew,

    Since Ragnarok is a future event relative to the time of the gods – could it be assumed that Thor is jumping the gun by bringing war prematurely – and to the wrong place – that is, to Valhalla instead of going out to fields of Vigrior to meet it at the Ragnarok?

    In addition, since Odin's forces (which include Thor) are to fight the forces of Surtr ("the black giant") on Vigrior at this future time, couldn't it also be assumed that Thor is causing division among the forces which are to represent Odin's side at Ragnarok – thereby upsetting the blance necessary in heaven?

    Just a thought.


  2. Matthew Lickona says

    Maybe, but did you watch the video? I kept thinking, "The God of Thunder is being cast out of Paradise Estates, er, Asgard, for not being an American Honor Scout."

  3. Oh, well, Boy Scouts are a different animal altogether.

    I'm not sure Prose Edda had much to say about them…


  4. Jonathan Webb says

    Looks as gay as Roadhouse or Rocky 3.

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