Art Dept.

Dan Mitsui has quit his day job to focus on making art full-time. Below is his St. Michael ($96).


  1. Anonymous says

    He's very talented, although the arms and legs are in funny positions, aren't they?

  2. Matthew Lickona says

    I don't think so. He cites Utagawa Kuniyoshi as an inspiration, and browsing through his stuff, this seems consistent. But your mileage may vary.

  3. Matthew Lickona says

    See here.

  4. Anonymous says

    Whose jawbone, please?

  5. Jonathan Webb says

    Mileage may vary. I love these young person phrases.

    I'll use it places.

  6. Amy Welborn recently posted this same image, a copy of which she had purchased from Mitsui for her boys. I recognized it immediately as the one my brother Michael, a Maryknoll priest, had commissioned Daniel to create.

    If you visit her Charlotte blog and search on Mitsui, you will find the post titled "Defend us in Battle, Redux." In the post, she includes his description of how the piece came about, and he does cite Kuniyoshi. I love the placement of the Saint's limbs. He is half astride the dragon and about to bring down the full force of his sword.

  7. Matthew Lickona says

    Thanks, Ann! Shame on me for missing it on Amy's blog. I just saw it on Mitsui's newsletter. I think it was an inspired request on your brother's part.

  8. Quin Finnegan says

    Thanks, Matthew. I have Mitsui's Crucifixion on my wall … it never fails to astonish. I love the color in this one … that lizard is so good, it looks like St. Michael is rescuing the viewer himself. As perhaps he is.

  9. Jonathan Webb says

    Seems like a one in a million.

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