What in Bloody ‘Ell is Going on In Merrie Olde…?

“Once, a girl stared it out
to spite her mother
and the spiteful sun
gave her a dark print
of its heart in every blink.”

And once a boy sought
To stare down the truth
With dark nothing
And light stared back
Till his heart’s curtain tore…


  1. Jonathan Webb says

    Powerful, thanks.

  2. Quin Finnegan says

    Yeah, that looks great. This gets to the nub:

    people still have that atheism is exactly the same as ‘common sense’ or objectivity. I’m not saying that in psychological terms we can’t be objective, I just mean that there is no framework of thought that can be completely objective

    The additional stanza is a nice complement. Compliment, whatever.

  3. It's a complement.

    No, it's a compliment.

    No, wait….It's BOTH!


  4. Jonathan Webb says

    It's a complaint. I think there should be a poetry complaint department similar to the library in "The Abortion".

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