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Flashback: Rufus McCain comments from prison

Flashback: how Korrektiv found Matthew

Flashback: How Quin Found Korrektiv

Up From the Comments

This old blog post on who would and wouldn’t blog has brought in a few interesting comments over the years since it was posted. Another comment worth noting, borderline blasphemous but good-humoredy so, just came in:

Mike Lorrey said…

Jesus didn’t write, but neither did most of his contemporaries. He did like to sermonize, and his miracles always seemed to me to be a bit show offey, desperate acts seeking recognition and approbation by someone on the margins of society. If that doesn’t describe a blogger I don’t know what does.

From the YouTube Music Video Archives: "Lantern" by Josh Ritter

I was at this show. Dude sold it. Thanks, Smokee.

So throw away those lamentations
We both know them all too well
If there’s a book of jubilations
We’ll have to write it for ourselves
So come and lie beside me darling
And let’s write it while we still got time…

Kirk and Spock, 40+ years and going strong.

A Limerick That Scans

from Robert Conquest, via Jay Nordlinger.

To slam To Kill a Mockingbird

The Phenomenology of Cursing

I’m looking for a phenomenological treatment of cursing. The book Expletive Deleted might come close, but I don’t think it digs far enough. I suspect the urge to curse arises from our fallen nature, just as do the eating of meat, the wearing of clothes, and the existence of cats. A book or even an essay that delves into that is what I’m looking for. Any suggestions?

Hoggett as Pacelli

Note From Updike

I wonder what became of the typewriter this was typed on.

Lapsed Catholic TKO’s (possible) Deathbed Conversion in One Round

All Kay, sew Poopoo Hummingbird wund them-that-there-istocles boor-niggled fitch agoniste dat “Books Cunty Brooler” – bart youse atlier fixtionists borst knobby gittin only idrears abbot cumin arp in pippin eeny arf ooze poots inder nooses!

Webe poutin thar goost arf Ezzy Pint ayn youse arses – under goot!

– Jujube

This one’s for Rufus.

Updike’s typewriter for sale. Best bit of story: “The last ribbon Updike used is in the machine, preserving the trace of the final things he wrote on it, including…a letter to his secretary/typist saying that he would no longer need her services, because he had purchased a word processor.”

Long-range photo of rabbit taken by my daughter that, when blown up like this, looks remarkably like a painting, don’t you think?

[Click to enlarge.]

Miranda Sings

Pronouncing Augustine

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From the Don’t Stop Believing Archives

From The YouTube Music Archives: Valentine’s Day by Bruce Springsteen

This is a great song, even better than Uptown Girl, which I like a lot. The audio here is a little scratchy, but this version is from the rehearsals for the Tunnel of Love album, with the E Street Band. And, according to the caption, “The Horns of Love”, which is the best name for a brass group I’ve heard.