Hinderaker on the Kagan nomination

“The federal courts were victimized by a gross deception and a perversion of both the scientific process and the judicial process, carried out, the evidence appears to show, by Elena Kagan.”


  1. Jonathan Webb says

    Yes, and this works for global warming as well. It's socialism and the ends justify the means. No enemies to the left, only to the right. Get the power and everything will follow. The anvil and the feather. Bullshit 24/7.

  2. Rufus McCain says


  3. Quin Finnegan says

    Yeah, exactly. What bugs me is not so much the politics … I'm actually in favor of deferring to the president's nomination of judges. We the people elect the president, with all his constitutional power to make appointments we ought to expect.

    But the junk science … or in this case the deception really rankles.

    And I think you're right to include global warming. Percy cast warnings about the advent of scientism, and spinning and propping up numbers in the name of an ideology follows hard upon the replacement of wisdom with stats and measures.

    Speaking of global warming, this account of Gore attempting to get his chakras off reads like an SNL parody of a man who's learned everything he shouldn't have from his former boss.

  4. Jonathan Webb says

    According to Wiki, he's in the category of "Baptists from The United States". It all fits though and I think that Percy would chuckle and say a prayer for him. As we all should.

    Best account yet. Thanks.

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