We Need Better Condoms

Stopped into the Apple store yesterday to cozy up to the iPad. (Verdict: too heavy to replace a book.) Pulled up the iBook app, and it opened to a bit from Superfreakonomics. A bit about how it’s not such a great thing to be born a girl in India (or a lot of other places). Because, you see, boys are more desirable there. So lots and lots of girls get either killed outright, are allowed to starve to death, or are subject to a “pre-birth” decision. Pre-birth! Anyway, my point is, if better birth control education and equipment is going to solve this problem, it’s going to have to figure out how to Let the Right One In, sperm-wise. Smart (or at least Smarter) Condoms, is what I’m saying. Or maybe we should be focusing our efforts on educating the sperm? “Ladies, listen – it’s better for everyone if you just stay behind and let the boys handle this one. Otherwise, it may very well end in tears.”


  1. Jonathan Webb says

    You're joking, but I bet that technology is coming.

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