Writings from the Day Job

The characters on Lost have their post H-bomb parallel reality, and I have mine. Here are some dispatches from the other side:

Review: Joseph Heller: A Descriptive Bibliography. By Matthew J. Bruccoli and Park Bucker

Review: Humanizing Information Technology by Julian Warner

Review: D. Anthony Storm’s commentary on Kierkegaard

Review: Critical companion to Flannery O’Connor

Review: The Deaths of the Popes

Review: The Academic Blog Portal

Neck Pain in Medline and MeSH: Charting the semantic relationship of a MeSH term to article title words

The Library at the Center of the Web: Information Literacy Across the Curriculum in an Age of Connectivity and Chaos


  1. cubeland mystic says

    Checked out the site. I am interested in your understanding of the underlying technology. Assuming you are a non-geek (ng), it would be interesting to hear the user's perspective. Looks like you may have written about it in one of your articles. Also, your iPad post was interesting.

    From a my god-like perch in the technology world the iPad is finally getting close to meeting my personal computing needs. I need the computer to be an extension of my brain. It sort of a USB for the mind. The iPad is very close to that for me.

    Do you know what mash-ups are?

  2. Rufus McCain says

    You can't be a librarian in this age and not have a little geek in you. So I don't think "non-geek" quite applies. "Near-geek," maybe. My nascent geek urges are what pushed me into library work, in addition to love of learning and lit and books and things. But it is a love-hate mash-up.

  3. I'm a fan of D. Anthony Storm as well. He's my first go-to man when I cannot understand what Soren is on about, which is quite a lot of the time.

  4. cubeland mystic says

    Say you take someone like Soren. You want to read him. You also want a historical perspective of the period, perhaps the top ten headlines, top ten art works from his time, other thinkers influenced by him. You type in SK's name and ask the computer to give you a full monty overview of SK and his period. The computer aggregates all that information spews out to your device.

    That's what I want when I want the info. I want the machine to churn through the data, and tell me about it. Do you understand what I am proposing?

  5. Rufus McCain says

    cnb: Glad to hear from you. Korrektiv is making progress towards world blogospheric domination — and you are an important Kierkegaardian/Canadian element. Not to mention the physics. We will need that eventually.

    cube: I think I do understand. (Man, you are a geek.) But I'm not sure I want my info that way, even if a machine could be made to do a decent job of serving it up on a platter (which I doubt). I don't think humans are designed to receive that kind of info dump. We need the pursuit. I think the path you're proposing is fraught with danger and temptation along the lines of what the serpent promised Eve.

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