Stephen Baldwin is Job.

Via Vulture.


  1. Quin Finnegan says

    Why does it seem like everybody want to be seen as Job, when he had such a lousy time of it?

    Ah yes, the righteousness.

  2. cubeland mystic says

    Is this a joke?

    Let's ask JOB. JOB, why does it seem like everybody wants to be seen as Job?

  3. Cubeland,

    I don't really have the patience to explain it all…

    And besides – the Shuhites are coming over for dinner and I have to add the proper dashes of squalor to the table setting before they come…


    p.s. If S.B. really wanted to be JOB, he should try the Total Depravation home motivation program I've patented. In 24 hours, you too can be challenged to your wits' end by the devil, lose your friends, family, property, even your livelihood — all with God's sanction. Order today, and I'll throw in the companion program "Swallow This!- The Lessons of a Second Guessing Prophet" by my good friend Joe Nah.

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