‘Nuff said.

Sandra Bullock and the largest bottle of vodka ever produced, The Tasting Panel magazine, April 2010.


  1. Matthew,

    Now, if they threw in a Facsimile Edition of the 1911 New York Edition of the Novels and Tales of Henry James (with prologues) I think my life would be complete…


  2. My birthday is May 3rd. Just sayin'

  3. Matthew Lickona says

    You people and your selfish vodka-thirst. Here I am trying to make a joke about Ms. Bullock's need for liquid comfort in light of her recent marital difficulties, and all you can think of is 200 LITER BOTTLES OF VODKA.

  4. Right. Sorry. I did miss the joke; my brain fogged over as soon as I saw the photo. Plus, there was the drooling.

    Seriously. That bottle needs to be displayed in my kitchen.

  5. I'll park that next to the keggerator. Alcoholism, why art thou so chic?

  6. Smokee,

    Any chance we could share it, Stanley-cup-style, you get it half the year and I get it the second half.

    Er, rather, I get it half the year and then you get the empty bottle the second half?


    I was considering Ms. Bullock as part of the package deal. If that James fellow doesn't know how to treat a lady, I think I can find a good ol' bachelor out here on the farm who at least wouldn't treat her any worse…


    I am still in mourning at the loss of my GE Hotpoint (Circa 1960) keggerator – the day it died was the day the day my liver dried… That is, until I went downtown and got mesself a big bottle of vodka…


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