From the YouTube Music Video Archives: Lost Cause by Beck

More Beck this week – in my opinion, the best version of his best song. He follows it up with Lonesome Tears, also very fine. I’d like to note that Beck has a very simple and straightforward delivery when it comes to singing – unlike, say, Dylan, or Sinatra. Actually, his style is fairly low-key on whatever instrument he chooses to play – listen closely to the diminished scale or whatever it is after the first chorus. But, man, he really casts a spell with that voice.

Your sorry eyes cut through bone / Make it hard to leave you alone / Leave you here wearing your wounds / Waving your guns at somebody new / Baby, you’re a lost / Baby, you’re a lost / Baby, you’re a lost cause / There’s too many people you used to know / They see you coming / They see you go / They know your secrets / And you know theirs / This town is crazy / Nobody cares / There’s a place where you are going / You ain’t never been before / No one laughing at your back now / No one’s standing at your door / That’s what you thought love was for / I’m tired of fighting / I’m tired of fighting / Fighting for a lost cause


  1. Sad song, hope you don't feel sad. But, yes, both of them nice, especially the first one.

  2. Rufus McCain says

    That's the second song I've heard of late that has reminded me of Gordon Lightfoot. The other is Pearl Jam's Just Breathe.

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