Check out the animated show Bat out of Hell on YouTube!

Outer space?

Or dirty roasting pan?


  1. "…and these are the voyages of the S.O.S. Brillo Pad…."


  2. Matthew Lickona says

    This is why I exist. To set you up…

  3. Matthew,

    You KNOW how much I appreciate you're indulging my desire to entertain myself to no end.

    I just want that to be made perfectly clear.

    To wit:

    "Wife! Wiiiife! How. Are We. Going. To. Get. These. Clinging. Grizzled. Bits. Scrubbed. Off. ?. Those. Cling-on. Bastards. !."

    "Dammit, Matt, I'm your wife, not Mel Sharples!"


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