NYRB on David Hockney’s iPhone Passion

The latest edition of the New York Review of Books has a great article about the great little pieces Hockney is cranking out with his iPhone. The picture to the left is but one example. And Hockney himself has this to say about the opposable thumb: “The thing is, Hockney explains, “if you are using your pointer or other fingers, you actuall have to be working from your elbow. Only the thumb has the opposable join which allows you to move over the screen with maximum speed and agility, an the screen is exactly the right size, you can easily reach every corner with you thumb.” He goes on to note how people used to worry that computers would on day render us “all thumbs,” but it’s incredible the dexterity, the expressive range lodged in “these not-so-simple thumbs of ours.

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