Le Deluge

I’ve been mulling over a bunch of sorta religio-theological posts, thinking about, you know, serious stuff. And then I see this, and think, who am I kidding?

“Marie Antoinette dress. ‘In honor of Halloween,’ she declares, ‘let them eat…candy!’ A lavish confection of gold lamé, lilac and gold brocade and ivory lace, this is a costume treasure worthy of your French queen. The stunning wig and accessories add that ooh la la!”

Because girls want to be royalty, you see. Even if it means getting their heads lopped off. Ooh la la!


  1. Does this come in your size, Matthew?

  2. My daughter would probably consider her head a good sacrifice for a dress like this.

  3. Here's the accessory Marie Antoinette doll. No word in the ad copy on how easy it would be for one's brother to pop the head off.

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