Context: We regularly remind our children that they are not each other’s parents, in an effort to keep them from scolding/commanding one another.

Me: Go play for a little bit.

Third Son: I just did.

Me: Son, go. We need a couple of minutes to talk.

Third Son: You’re not the parent!


  1. Matthew Lickona says

    I think you meant to comment on the "Dad-burn it!" post? But here's the thing: I was mostly kidding. I don't think that Brad and Angelina having a mess of children bolsters the acceptance of large families in general. Celebrities live in another world, public-opinion-wise. They get to act in ways that would get Joe Average ostracized, because dammit, we like to watch 'em. I posted this mostly because I saw it on a supermarket checkout magazine rack, and thought to myself, "If I was in this supermarket checkout line with all six of my kids, and they were behaving the way kids sometimes behave when they have to stand in line, I would more than likely get a sidelong glance or two. And would it help to point to the magazine rack and say, 'I'm just like Brangelina?' No, it would not."

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