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Dad-burn it!

Just when I’d finally caught up!

Yesterday’s News Today: it seems that Brad and Angelina are planning to add a seventh child to their ginormous brood! I just hope everyone else in the CCBA* is as pleased as I am with everything these people are doing to bolster the acceptability of large families. Angelina: “We do love children and we do want a big family. Never say no.” How much more open to life can you get?

*Crazy Catholic Breeders Association


  1. cubeland mystic says

    Good for them.

  2. All well and good, but my enthusiasm is tempered by that "Pshaw — God is for losers!" interview he did in Germany.

  3. notrelatedtoted says

    Matthew – they are adopting all those kids. You, on the other hand, are having a big family in the old-fashioned, environmentally-irresponsible way.

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