re: He’s Just Not That Into You

There are about half a dozen hollywood endings for this movie. I did say I’d log everything I watched or read, and this will have to do for this one. Okay – one thing I noticed was that Ben Affleck looked like a mannequin at the end. This is not intended as a smear on his acting; in fact, I think Ben Affleck is a pretty good actor. But I think they must have just used a wooden head at the end. It might have been the lighting, I suppose.

Or maybe he was on his way to make another Tom Clancy movie.

Despite the mannequin-like features of Affleck, some of these final scenes were quite touching. There’s a moment – plot spoiler here – when a guy finally gets around to asking the gal to marry him, after they’ve been living together for seven years or so. The whole thing is done well; borders on the maudlin at certain moments, but then we’re at the movies here. But I found this interesting. On Saturday night I played poker with four guys who’d lived with their girlfriends for six, eight, nine, ten and eleven years. Some of them went on to marry, some of them did not, but it occurred to me while I was watching that this is just the way it is now. Isn’t this definitely a bad thing? Can this possibly be a good thing? If, under these new mores, the divorce rate were to slide up or down five points, would that be an indicator either way? How do people generally feel about this? The guys at the poker table who had decided to get married seemed happy enough, but it didn’t make for the most inspiring of stories. The guys at the table who’d flown the coop didn’t seem much happier, but they didn’t seem all that worse for wear either. This is the way we live now, as Trollope (pronounced trollop) once wrote.


  1. Anonymous says

    I used to be a film buff but sadly these days hardly ever feel the enthusiasm to watch a film, partly because I live so far from a good cinema.

    I do sometimes enjoy the old ones on televisim, films like The Awful Truth and His Girl Friday.

  2. Quin Finnegan says

    No excuses, Anonymous! Good cinema is just a Netflick away!

    I get your point actually. Netflix and videos in general are part of the problem. There's just no substitute for going to the theatre to see a movie, as was illustrated so well in L'Argent du poche way back when. It was a great moment to be sitting there in a movie theatre, looking at all those people in the movie theatre.

    His Girl Friday is one of my all-time favorites, possibly my very favorite comedy of all time. Did I bring it up in Bird's Nest? I will now.

  3. Affleck does not belong in Tom Clancy movies…

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