Blogging Towards Damnation

Less and less of our information flow is devoted to gathering facts, and more and more is going toward popularizing opinion. Twenty-four-hour news channels have been replaced by 24-hour opinion channels. The chatter is the story.


  1. Quin Finnegan says

    It’s hard to believe that so many people actually make a living with their blogs. Hard to believe, and depressing.

    Are we really so much less enterprising than the 500,000 or so that do?

    Or are we morally superior, because we don’t post lurid headlines? And of course, we do have lurid titles to our posts. I would think “existentialist tomfoolery” would have gained more traction by this time. Shows how much I know.

    I still don’t want to advertise. I do wonder how much Ironic Catholic makes off of her ads.

    Sitting in the office, floating paper airplanes. Somehow I’ve always known that’s how I’d end up.

  2. Rufus McCain says

    Almostgotit made $23 in three months from her ads. I’d bet we could make at least half that.

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