They love poetry readings, worshipping with candles, and smoking pipes while talking about God.


  1. The Ironic Catholic says

    You’re nailed.

  2. Henri Young says

    As one who weekly attends the “LifeTeen” mass at my church, I represent that comment.

    “It is right to give GOD thanks and praise!.”

  3. Anonymous says

    Here’s an article about a Christian hipster for you: deception, homosexuality, God, and murder, they’re all there.

    And looks a nice newspaper too.

  4. Theocoid says

    I was going to say, those Christian “hispters” sound awfully metrosexual to me. What, no blood and gore for the Passion? No Braveheart? What kind of Church Militant is that?

  5. Anonymous says
  6. almostgotit says

    I have just the thing for the religious enhancement of the entire Korrektiv staff. I found it at an amazing, local, down-market version of Costco/Sam’s Club today… a package of 12 corncob pipes, very authentically Appalachian (though in fact made in China). Shall I send it Priority Post?

  7. Rufus McCain says

    Are you serious?! Yeah!

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