Save the Date

Korrektiv Celebrates Its Five Four-Year Blogaversary on November 19.

O Henri Young, where art thou?


  1. almostgotit says

    Because I’m likely to forget, I’ll congratulate you now! Five years? That’s 500 years in Blog time! Well done, indeed.

  2. Wow! What is the traditional gift for the fifth year?

    I am thinking Helium Baloons, because they are fun to look at and then they have the added bonus of all that fun helium inside that can be inhaled with interesting consequences. (and only slight loss of brain cells I am assured).

    I am just having a bit of trouble trying to fit them through the internet. but I have a week to figure that out.

    WTG guys.

  3. almostgotit says

    Gave you a big Alaksan-style Blogaversary SHOUT OUT here yesterday:

  4. Rufus McCain says

    Let’s see 2008 minus 2004. That’s five years, right? … oh, crap.

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