Winding down…

…for a while, anyway. Got some things to finish, and the40 Days for Life seems an especially appropriate time to finish them – or one of them, anyway. This post makes 1999, and 2000 is a nice round number.

But before I go: Cubeland Mystic has been positively ecstatic in the comments of this post. I’m thinking we should haul the discussion up into a post of its own, namely, this one. Please, Friends of Godsbody – have at it. Shall we call it The Garden of Earthly Delights?


  1. Cubeland Mystic says

    Sorry, I’ve not been feeling well, and a lot of work-work this week.

  2. Yes.

    And you must eat JOB’s salsa as you drink.

    Maybe a magnolia tree could be hauled into the background to reflect my Southern heritage…

  3. cubeland Mystic says

    Sure a magnolia trees would work nicely. How big do they get? The garden of earthly delights is a good title if it hasn’t been used since Bosch.

    The age of the friends can be left till later.

    I cannot determine if this should still be a screen play or a story. I like stories better. Not important now.

    They should be a craftsman and a scholar. The craftsman is the romantic, and is missing fingers on his hand. The scholar is the brighter more optimistic.

    Gotta run

  4. Lindsay,

    this one’s for you…


    Magnolia, ur-flower, were you there
    Around the greening time of God’s own thumb,
    Growing between good and evil, and life or
    Nothing, prolocutor for each of them?
    Or does your gaudy bloom’s magnificence,
    Left-over emblem of Adam’s excess,
    Intend to play sin’s lugubrious instance
    Asking the good of life to be its witness?

    Myrtle, meanwhile, bears its burden of love’s
    “Yes” in life’s tangled weave with such fragrant
    Rogations that nature plays the faithful servant
    To God and man alike and to each gives
    Living proof that love can grow abundant –
    Entwining blessings through Rebekah’s alcoves.

  5. Love it, especially the last two lines.

    I will print it and brag about it to friends, family, and complete strangers.

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