Thought Experiment for My Catholic-Church-Haunted Christian Friends

Imagine you’re starting from scratch. You’ve been an atheist your whole life (which for most of us, myself included, isn’t too far from the truth) but now something has shifted within you and you’ve come to believe in Christ. What are you going to do about it? Become a Methodist? Become a Lutheran? Join the mega-Church across town full of hot young mothers and aging baby-boomer rock-and-rollers?

No, if you really are starting from scratch, and you have a modicum of seriousness about you, you’re going to check out the Catholic Church. And you’re going to arrive at the conclusion Walker Percy arrived at: “What else is there?” Come on, now! Your soul is a supersonic jet and you’ve been sputtering along on low-octane, watered down gas from AM/PM. Swim the Tiber and drink in the real real presence!


  1. Amen!

  2. I was a cradle variety Catholic brought up in the heady post Vatican II church of all Spirit and no substance catechesis. I butted heads with church after church in their watered down message and finally left (for good I thought) from Our Lady of the Nuclear Winter Parish of Social Justice Outreach Ministry preached every Sunday by a fervant young priest that I couldn’t stand.

    I wandered among all the campus ministry offerings of all the other Evangelical and Congregational Christian Churches searching for the one thing they couldn’t offer me: The Real Presence in the Eucharist.

    Finally in desperation I found another Catholic parish (thankfully a bit more conservative) and found my way home.

    For me, outside the church there is no salvation. I too am captive to the Eucharist.

    Thank heaven the Church is big enough that I can find a parish whose Charism resembles my own. If my only choise was Our Lady of the Nuclear Winter I would probably still be wandering in the Evangelical tundra.

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