Outsource Your Walker Percy Paper

Walker Percy essays are not very difficult to write, you know.” But if you’re having trouble — maybe you got drunk at that kegger Thursday night instead of reading The Moviegoer like you were supposed to — or maybe you just never learned to write — heck, I dunno, maybe your typewriter broke — or maybe you’re just having a bad week. Don’t despair! Call the friendly folks at Custom Essay.com.


  1. Hey, SHHHHHHHhhhh!

  2. Quin Finnegan says

    Hey, thanks for the plug. I uploaded a few of my college essays to this site and stand to make 50% on any that sell.

    You’ll know mine by their ingenious titles. One is Binx Beats the Jinx: Beyond Rotation and Moviegoing as Existential Escapism; another is Posting Bail as the Holy Grail or, So Wrong He Must Be Right, So Right He Must Have Left the Room: How in Heaven Lancelot Will Get to Drop his Pants a Lot

  3. Perhaps I shall quit my day job…

  4. almostgotit says

    On the other hand, why bother plagiarizing?

    WP is an existentialist, right?

    Just turn in a blank sheet of paper and be done with it.

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