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Dept. of Bumper Stickers, Obscene Phrase Traced in the Dust on the Rear Window Edition

“F*ck Jesus! It’s ok! Be happy!”

I kind of wonder what happened to make the author believe that one has to f*ck Jesus in order to be happy so fervently that it was worth writing it out in the dust with his finger.


  1. Matthew,

    “People aren’t happy. Cats are happy. Happy, happy cats!”

    Isn’t that what Father Steckler used to say about people expecting happiness in this life?

    God bless him! .

    (F*ck happy! It’s ok! Be (like) Jesus!)


  2. Cubeland Mystic says


    Well said. Do you want to join the Dark Night and Mr. November in our battle against the false optimism and plastic hope of the Culture of Death?

    I just ordered 12,000 yellow rubber wrist bands with

    (F*ck happy! It’s ok! Be (like) Jesus!)

    stamped on it. After saving the small town from Pornmart, like a silver bullet, we leave them as our calling card.

    If that doesn’t work we can hand them out at the next world youth day.

  3. i want a necklace that says that (what job said). where people are like oh hey that’s soooo cool, what does that……ooohhh, ah oh….okay then. that would make me so happy dropping my kids off every day at public school here in my “oh so politically correct and tolerant” little mecca….every day that would make me happy (except, i guess that renders the saying….nil….sigh. you just can’t win being catholic.)


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