Korrektiv Driving Tip #9

Stop signs tend to impede the feng shui of the driving experience. Just slowing down is usually good enough.


  1. Anonymous says

    I didn’t teach him how to drive or rather how not to stop– which makes about as much sense as feng shui of anything to do with driving, stopping (or lack thereof), speeding or flying for that matter.
    Silverback McCain

  2. Rufus McCain says

    Hey Dad. Silverback, eh? I’m pretty sure most of my driving genes come from your side of the family. I could be wrong. There was that Volkswagen phase I went through in my 20s, when I drove several Rabbits and a Dasher into the ground. But the truck thread running through my DNA, that’s definitely your side.

  3. Anonymous says

    No question about it– you’ve heard the stories. I rolled a Model A Ford when I was 14 and lived to tell the story. I’m just not as literary about describing my former antics as you are.

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