Ernie and I should change our names to Statler and Waldorf.


  1. mrsdarwin says

    I consider that the real suspension of disbelief for adults was that Giselle could start her own business (located in a highly desirable bit of real estate in NYC!) with no ID or background. How did she get her line of credit? Best we can figure, she took over Nancy’s identity after Nancy went off to Fairyland with the prince, though that raises more questions than it answers.

    Fairy tale, indeed.

  2. Matthew Lickona says

    Wow, but you’re a cynic, Mrs. D. Isn’t it enough that she had the dream, the desire, and the devastating talent? Isn’t that all it takes to make it in New York?

  3. Anonymous says

    oldest son’s quote after watching enchanted. “that movie is my worst nightmare.” (this is from the household who’s whacko mother does not allow her children to read any fairy tales involving “knights in shining armor” “singing” “dancing” “fighting off dragons to save maidens” or any other such romantic nonsense……talking about a cynic. :-)))).) i couldn’t have been prouder. it’s straight to the priesthood for that boy! (in case….i am making fun of myself here people.)

  4. mrsdarwin says

    I just thought it would have been cleverer if she’d started a house-cleaning business. Then she could have been paid under the table, and she wouldn’t have to pay her little helpers. A win-win proposition, unless you’re the lady of the house who returns early to see the cockroaches scrubbing your dishes.

    Of course, Disney wouldn’t make any money in merchandising off that, like it will for selling “Giselle brand” dresses.

  5. It was Andalasia brand dresses… but excellent point. Disney… ugh. I’m tired of their stranglehood on American kids’ culture.

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