All Manner of Thing

Craig Burrell, a Canadian physicist who works in an underground bunker on top-secret projects for Canadian world-domination, also operates a lovely blog called All Manner of Thing. Since Mr. Burrell has been generous enough to include Korrektiv on his list of Catholic blogs (when most Catholic bloggers sensibly turn away in confusion, revulsion, boredom, and/or horror) his blog has now been added (long overdue) to our list of Sources Consulted over there in the righthand sidebar.

Also note a couple of recent Korrektiv-oriented posts at All Manner: (1) Walker Percy’s and his books, and (2) A god descends (on Kierkegaard’s Philosophical Fragments).


  1. Gosh! Thank you very much for the commendations. You are too kind. I am somewhat disturbed that you know where I work.

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