Faith at the Edge

“While all this is well known, people forget one part of the Church’s teaching on chastity, which comes in the last paragraph on the topic in the catechism. There she says basically that, with the help of the sacraments and sacramental grace, and the help of friendship, men and women living with same-sex attraction can and should attain Christian perfection. The Catholic Church looks at me as an adult and says, “You might live with same-sex attraction, you might even define yourself as a homosexual, but we think that you can and will be a saint.” And that, I believe, is head and shoulders above what anyone else says on the topic.”

– David Morrison, from “Gay and Catholic”


  1. What a powerful witness. I have been trying to teach my young adult children this message amidst a culture that tells them that if they “feel” it it must be right.

    I love what this has to say, because it isn’t about the attraction, or what one “feels”. Ultimately it is about faithfulness first.

    Seek first the kingdom.

    Okay, now I have to buy this book for my kids. You have sold me. Thanks for the shove.

  2. Matthew Lickona says

    I’m glad to hear it, and I do hope they enjoy it.

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